Microsoft Business Central

With the Microsoft Business Central suite of apps you have the power of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the scalability of the cloud

Choosing an ERP system is not easy in today’s world. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you are choosing an established software solution with a 300000+ user base. Why choose Microsoft Business Central?

Fast Deployment

Business Central is a preconfigured system with the ability to adapt as your business grows. It evolves with your processes. With Microsoft Business Central, you are choosing a system which will give increased visibility about your business whenever and wherever you need it.

Predefined Roles for a Quick Overview

With increased visibility comes the possibility of information overload. To solve this, each user is assigned a role enabling them to work in a focused manner, honing on the key information and screens that they need to carry out tasks.

Office 365 Integration

Microsoft Business Central seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office 365, keeping your data and users in one place with one password to remember.

With the rapid advancement of cloud technologies and the affordability of solutions, you can now experience Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Office in the cloud. Using Business Central, you can reduce the capital required to get a fully functional, scalable solution managed by experts for the fraction of the cost of a traditional on-premise solution.

Microsoft Azure technology makes it possible to be flexible, cost-effective and work from anywhere.
Why should you move to the cloud?

  • No servers on site
  • High flexibility
  • Work where you are right now
  • Grow with your business!
  • No installation – you can start quickly and easily.
  • Your data is securely stored on security servers in Europe.
  • Regular back-ups are available.
  • No high initial costs
  • Attractive cost structure – the solution scales to your needs
  • Updates are all automatic, and immediately ready.


Connamix is a provider of business consulting services, specialising in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and ERP systems. At Connamix, we strive to optimise your business processes; by working with clients we produce the best, tailor made CX Solution. We firmly believe technology is here to help business, and every member of our team incorporates three core values into their personal and work lives: EXPERTISE, RELIABILITY and PASSION.


A global Microsoft Dynamics partner, working locally.

We’ll get you started with the right solution for you – a fully customised system or an out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 installation.  Connamix has the capability to merge existing data, create new software interfaces, and determine masks for each employee, so everyone sees only what they need.

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