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On Our Travels

Our team is based on site with our customers, so we spend a lot of time in hotels. This section documents our travel and our thoughts about the hotels, flights and more.

Hey Mr President

It's hot, 83 today as we strolled around the National Mall. No air conditioning in this mall,  as it's run by the national parks service. 



We started our tour of the Washington sights by getting the free shuttle bus to Union Station. From here it was a short walk to Capitol Hill. Both the Capitol building and the National Mall are under restoration and renovation. The dome on the Capitol Building was under wraps and large parts of the Mall were being dug up.

Probably no where else I have been too has so many museums,  monuments and attractions in a relatively small area. There are all kinds of museums there, Native American, Science, Art galleries, sculpture parks and more.   There are plenty of bird scarers, but I'm not sure what they are scaring as there were plenty around when we stopped for a refreshment break.

Kristan Smith