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On Our Travels

Our team is based on site with our customers, so we spend a lot of time in hotels. This section documents our travel and our thoughts about the hotels, flights and more.

No pictures

We've arrived in DC. A 4 hour trip from our previous base we arrived in time to see the Smithsonian National Zoo, which to our great surprise has free entry. We made full use of the facility and wandered around looking at all the animals. True to form for a zoo visit, most were hiding due to the heat (it was 81 fahrenheit or 27 on a proper scale).

I did manage to snag a shot of a couple of animals, although one didn't want it's picture taken.

Following our trip around the zoo, we headed across the city to our hotel for the next couple of nights. Not sure whether to be concerned as it's next to a police station? It's a Holiday Inn Express and as such doesn't have a restaurant, so we had to order in. Nice Wings and Pizza were had, although it was amusing walking past someone to get to the elevator not realising that it was the delivery guy!

It was nice pizza and reminiscent of New York Pizza - the company is called New York Pizza company, I do find it strange why places in the UK can't do a proper pizza or decent wings, it can't be rocket science. Maybe one day I will open my dream of a Wings and Fings where I will have proper wings and food delivered to your door.