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On Our Travels

Our team is based on site with our customers, so we spend a lot of time in hotels. This section documents our travel and our thoughts about the hotels, flights and more.

That's a lot of water - arrival at Niagara

We've been coming to the USA each year for the last six years and only once in that time do I feel that we've done anything remotely "touristy". This mainly has been the advantage of having exceedingly generous relatives in Florida.

This year we've branched out from the comfort zone of southern Florida and the Fort Lauderdale area to Pennsylvania, Washington DC and New York City. Our position in Penn State has allowed us to visit Niagara falls, as mere 3 hours away by car. We took the opportunity to visit one of the world's iconic places. Boy were we impressed!

This being the back end of the summer vacation times for most of the US, the town was very quiet. This surprised us, but made for our short stay to be even more enjoyable.  We arrived following a long car journey - I made a slight err in judgement and disregarded both Google and my navigator, this cost us an hour. We arrived around 2pm at the Holiday Inn, situated in downtown Niagara Falls, USA. I'd only booked the hotel a couple of weeks prior to our trip.

We had 2 rooms, as I feel claustrophobic with 4 adults in a normal hotel room. After being greeted and only having 1 room available (we were 2 hours earlier than advertised check-in) we dropped off our bags and headed to Tony Roma's. This is a relatively new restaurant to the area, serving ribs, steak and other "healthier" options. We of course chose steak.

Following our meal we went up to our rooms for an hour ready to go on a Grayline guided tour of the Falls, including a trip on the reason I wanted to visit - The Maid of the Mist. It was a four hour tour of the falls, led by Brian a charasmatic tour guide who made it fun. I'll go through the trip tomorrow. I was very impressed with the Holiday Inn's position as we could see the spray from the American Falls from our window: