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On Our Travels

Our team is based on site with our customers, so we spend a lot of time in hotels. This section documents our travel and our thoughts about the hotels, flights and more.

Falling in love

Our time in Niagara Falls was only a short one  but we managed to pack in a four hour guided tour. It started with a trip on the Maid of the Mist. Presidents and celebrities alike have stood on the deck of one of the boats and witnessed the awesome power of the water. Rainbows can be seen in all directions as you first go past the American falls  with the large rocks where the water crashes down. We returned to the American Falls at the end of the tour too. The more famous view of the falls is the Canadian horseshoe falls. This is where the full majesty of the river can be seen. With millions of litres pouring over daily, the falls are slowly creeping back on itself. 


On the tour we also visited goat island. A lovely place to visit for a picnic during the summer months. The island is home to lots of different birds and also a view of the river before it goes over the edge. 


Following the visit to goat island, we drove down the flow of the river (well on the highway next to the river)  to see the hydro electric power plants. The power plants are opposite each other and supply electricity for New York State and Toronto. Both plants are similar specifications and the one on the US side produces 2500 megawatts. It was an impressive site. Our final destination on the tour was the Cave of Winds. Here we go a pair of sandals each. 


We also got a snazzy yellow poncho.

The Cave of Winds allows you to get within 10 feet of the falls. The speed of the water means that you are blown around on the Hurricane deck and get rather wet. It is an amazing feeling being so close to such a natural force and all of us thoroughly enjoyed it.