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On Our Travels

Our team is based on site with our customers, so we spend a lot of time in hotels. This section documents our travel and our thoughts about the hotels, flights and more.

Time to try Elk

 The Elk Viewing Area

The Elk Viewing Area

Today we travelled up to Winslow Hill. It's a viewing area for Elk. This was before we decided to hit the "beach". 

We didn't see any Elk in the wild but we also got too hungry to look very hard. We decided that food was a better option and we headed for Old Bull Cafe. This is a family run cafe at the bottom of Winslow Hill in the village of Benezette. One of their specialities is Elk,  which only makes sense to me. We had the Elk buyers and very nice they were too. I'd recommend it to anyone. 

An interesting fact we found out today was all four of us together weigh less than a 5 year old Elk. 

Kristan Smith