The October ’18 wave of business application releases from Microsoft provides significant capabilities to transform businesses.

So, what is included?

Enhancements to Dynamics 365

Over 400 new capabilities across Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Field Service, and more. A new set of mixed reality experiences using Microsoft Layout and Microsoft Remote Assist is also being released.

New Intelligence Applications

These will allow businesses to employ AI work from Microsoft Research to make Dynamics 365 more intelligent, including enhancing sales, performance and planning with Dynamics 365 AI for Sales.

New Power Platform Capabilities

The update will allow combining of Power BI, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, the Common Data Service for Apps, and Power BI data flows into an unmatched palette of tools, which will extend, customize, and integrate Dynamics 365 and Office 365 into the corporate environment.

Data Integration

Provides built-in connectivity to the Power Platform. The Common Data Model provides consistency for business entities across Dynamics 365, Common Data Service for Apps, and Power BI data flows, hence increasing value and saving time for developers, partners, and integrators.

Deeper Integrations with other Microsoft Products

The update will bring seamless experiences with Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, Stream, Azure, and LinkedIn. Dynamics 365 has been further enhanced with data and signal from Office 365 and Bing.

Performance, Usability, and Support Enhancements

These will improve the applications and underlying platform. There will be a much better experience for the people running businesses.

Overview of Dynamics 365 for Marketing October ’18 release

Dynamics 365 for Marketing delivers comprehensive capabilities for creating and running multi-channel campaigns which will generate leads. With Dynamics 365 you can turn prospects into business relationships- move beyond email marketing and connect sales, automate processes, and make smarter decisions to maximise your revenue.

The October ’18 release has new capabilities such as account-based marketing and deeper integration with LinkedIn. The app will also support more languages and be available in more areas, allowing you to utilize Dynamics 365 wherever you are based.

The key areas of investment are designed to help you optimize marketing:

  • Integrated intelligence in the marketing app means you can create custom dashboards from Power BI. These analytics can be combined with social listening, which keeps track of your brand mentions on social media, to provide a comprehensive picture of your campaigns allowing you to evaluate their success.
  • Personalized marketing experiences will be available, which helps close more deals as specific accounts (that are more likely to produce revenue) are targeted.
  • Content management is supported at block level, with role-based editing privileges. The new calendar feature provides a quick overview of scheduled events to help your team plan better.
  • Deeper integration with external Microsoft services like LinkedIn
  • Fundamental improvements should provide a cleaner performance and greater scalability. The user interface has received performance and usability enhancements.