We keep you running with round the clock support

The Connamix customer care centre operates 24/7 from the UK. This expert team of friendly staff help customers across the globe with any concerns regarding our products. Support is offered through email, our own support portal and through direct connection to your PC.

Introducing a software solution to your company is just the start, the new software is something you will work with all the time. As your company develops and changes, Connamix are on-hand to continually expand and improve your systems. Additionally, we support you in updating software to the latest version, and training users as updates arrive.

Customer satisfaction is major part of Connamix philosophy. The UK Support Desk can solve many concerns immediately by remote maintenance – the team will be aware of your needs and current solutions, so advice can be offered quickly.

The Support Portal means concerns can be submitted online at any time, from anywhere. The portal guarantees connection with our internal ticketing system, tracking the status of your request.

Direct support allows remote operation of your PC, saving time and money.

From Our Clients

Here at Apleona HSG GmbH, we are amongst the largest users of Dynamics NAV in Europe. We have a user base of over 1800 concurrent users.  Connamix provide us with First Line support of the highest professionalism and quality. Being an international company all communication is undertaken in English and as Connamix are based in many countries they are able to provide the level of English support we require. I would not hesitate to recommend them

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Connamix is a provider of business consulting services, specialising in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and ERP systems. At Connamix, we strive to optimise your business processes; by working with clients we produce the best, tailor made CX Solution. We firmly believe technology is here to help business, and every member of our team incorporates three core values into their personal and work lives: EXPERTISE, RELIABILITY and PASSION.


A global Microsoft Dynamics partner, working locally.

We’ll get you started with the right solution for you – a fully customised system or an out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 installation.  Connamix has the capability to merge existing data, create new software interfaces, and determine masks for each employee, so everyone sees only what they need.

To start finding your business solutions now, get in touch or for more information on Connamix credentials, read some of our success stories.